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14-миллионная коробка нитриловых перчаток EN455 Медицинские

707,15 ₽ /штука цена исключена. НДС
Архивная реклама!
Минимальный заказ
50000 упаковки
Доступное количество
14000000 упаковки
Срок поставки
3 дней
Сообщение Телефонный звонок

14-миллионная коробка нитриловых перчаток EN455 Медицинские - описание

14 million boxes and unlimited delivery quantities possible, a smooth process is guaranteed.

NITRILE GLOVES EN455 Medical nitrile gloves - Disposable gloves, powder-free nitrile gloves - Blue Nitrile Glove / Powder Free

Delivery takes place by air freight to the EU within 3 days.
Delivery outside the EU possible.


14,000,000 boxes of DISPOSABLE NITRILE GLOVE
Size S / M / L / XL
100 pieces / box, 10 boxes / box
3-5 days after receipt of deposit

According to the agreement between the Buyer and the Manufacturer, the payment method is determined as 100% advance. After the contract is signed, the prospective buyer will deposit the amount specified in the contract into the bank account specified by the Intermediary and share the SWIFT code with the intermediary. The intermediary will then BLOCK the relevant bank account and share the blockage document with the Candidate candidate. After the buyer candidate receives the product without any problems after the SGS controls, the agent will remove this BLOCK.

Apart from the mentioned form of payment, systems such as LC and Escrow are not accepted.

Please indicate if you are interested:
- Names and company names
- order quantity
- Deadline for delivery
- Place of delivery: country, city
Written intent to order is required on your part (LOI).
A written offer follows on our part
Binding order after signing the contract.


King Regards

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